“We have been doing business with Tekitronics for almost 10 years and we are absolutely glad they are the ones taking care of all of our 6 offices. Their initial recommendation of their XDR sensors was a true winner and all panoramic machines have been a solid solution. Tekitronics provides excellent support services so our daily task can carry on through each day. Thank you Cesar and Dianellys!”

Jason Morgan DDS

“The support we have received from Tekitronics over the last 5 years has been invaluable. Cesar is always available for friendly advice and always responds to our support requests within 20 minutes tops. Tekitronics is my go to resource when considering the purchase of new equipment or any new dental toys. Reliable, dependable, friendly & trustworthy, the IT company that get the job done right the first time.”

Delia Tuttle DDS

“We worked with Tekitronics for over 4 years and don’t have enough words to say about their level of service. They wired our entire new office and went above and beyond to help us acquire new equipment. They respond very quickly to requests for service and solve the problems immediately. The prices are very reasonable and we are very happy to be so blessed by this amazing business relationship.”

Cornel Crasnean, DDS

Nellie Gail Dental

“Since the first day we met at CDA 2009, I had the feeling this was going to be great relationship due to the kindness and sincerity from Cesar and Dianellys. They explained how the whole digital processed worked and embarked in the Tekitronics Journey. We have been happy with all of the products especially XDR and Open Dental. We also just recently traded our Villa Radiology Pan/Ceph for the Ray America Rayscan Plus 16×10 Pan/Ceph and it has been an amazing upgrade. The process of installation, training and education has also been a big plus because I do not feel like I just bought something to lay around with no one to help, Tekitronics and their engineer have given us VIP services all throughout. We definitely recommend all of the products that Tekitronics offer because they have all worked perfectly. Thank you Cesar and Dianellys!”

Cesar Jimenez DDS

“Tekitronics have brought our practice into the 20th Century!  Our decision to upgrade our software and hardware was a seamless process over a weekend and intensive follow up until everything in the office was running smoothly and efficiently!  We added the monthly support which has given us the peace of mind when we have small glitches during our working hours.  We had no downtime and very impressed with the professionalism of the company and ongoing support we receive at our busy dental office.  Thank you Tekitronics!!”

Carlos Rivas DDS

“We have been working with Caesar and the Tekitronics team for over 10 years now.

To make it simple, it has been great customer service, excellent quality of work, honesty, always on time and no delay in answering calls for any kind of requests. I would strongly recommend Tekitronics to anyone from my personal experience.”

Maher Awwad DDS

“I have worked with Cesar with Tekitronics since 2014.  He helped me digitize my newly purchased and outdated dental office.  Everything that he has recommended for me has worked out perfectly and seamlessly from Open Dental Software, XDR, computers, and viewing monitors, etc.  Cesar knows what works in a dental office! I have had zero stress with the software and computers because he takes care of everything for me. Whether you are starting up or digitizing your dental office, I highly recommend you contact Cesar.  He will save you a lot of money and stress in the long run!!!”

Thank you for your support!

Michelle Wang DDS

“I am very pleased for all the work Tekitronics have done for my office. I took over an office that had very old computers with lots of problems as well as XDR digital sensor machine. It was time for an upgrade. Tekitronics helped us to get new amazing computers, upgraded our systems and the back up as well with affordable prices during the transition period. If it was not Tekitronics, our office would struggle. We trust that if we ever have any problems that Tekitronics would go above and beyond to fix it promptly, efficiently and professionally. I am very happy and satisfied with the work that was done and would highly recommend him and his company to other dentists around. Thank you for being an important part of my business!!” 

Dina Mattar DDS

“He tenido a Tekitronics como IT por más de 8 años, anteriormente tenía otra compañía que no era muy eficiente, un colega me recomendó a Tekitronics y ha Sido la mejor decisión que he tomado. Me instalaron nuevas computadoras, sensores digitales y nuevo servidor a un precio muy razonable. El soporte técnico que brindan es excelente, cualquier problema que tenga con solo poner un ticket online entran remoto y lo resuelven bien rápido. En especial Derek es un técnico muy rápido y eficiente con un trato muy profesional. Recomiendo a Tekitronics”

Omar Fernandez DDS