Ray America

Image reconstruction in 6 seconds. Superior image processing technology


3D Face scanner for smile design

Predictive analytics and the actual treatment process are flexibly linked, increasing adherence in treatment, and making it easier to proceed with complex cases.

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  • Face scan

  • Smile design

  • 3D Patient

  • Open System

  • High Precision

  • 9 image sensors operate simultaneously to accurately capture the depth of the subject and creates more realistic 3D data.

  • The 3D digital lighting technology is safe for the subject’s eyes and skin and does not cause fatigue, enabling a face with a natural smile.

  • The enhanced Realistic Color Facial Reconstruction (RCFR) V2 technology captures natural contrast and skin tone to reproduce a beautiful facial expression.

  • With Flash 3D Scan technology, RAYFace can acquire the 3D face data without any distortion of the patients whose movements cannot be restrained for a long period of time, such as children, the elderly, and those with uncomfortable jaws.

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Rayscan Studio

RAYSCAN Studio’s innovative 3D Virtual Patient is the new standard in diagnosis and patient-centered treatment planning.

RAYSCAN Studio is a unique CBCT imaging unit that integrates CBCT, 3-D face and 3-D intra-oral scan data into one perfectly combined record for better and more predictable treatment planning. 

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State Of The Art Imaging 

Remote Control

Blue Light Technology

Free Field of View

Avoids Over Radiating Patient

Software Integration

5-in-1 CBCT Imaging Solution

3D Virtual Patient

20 x 20 FOV

Implant Design

Faster, easier implant design planning.

Orthogonathic Design 

Accurate bone and tissue analysis for precision surgery planning.



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3D Object Scanning

3D Face Scanning


2D Panoramic Imaging

2D Cephalometric Scanning

20 x 20 FOV

Initial Analysis

Facial Analysis

Digital Mounting

EZ Wax Up

Oral Design Simulation

Treatment Result

Rayscan Alpha

Image reconstruction in 6 seconds. Superior image processing technology
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Less is Better

Low Dose

Just scan the only area where you need.

4 second cephalometric scans reduce dose by over 80%.


High Definition Imaging

Adaptive moving focus technology configures the panoramic image layer and optimizes the signal to noise ration for produce high quality images.


Impression CT Scan

New feature for digital impression.

Scan your model/impression and Convert the DICOM to STL.

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Raydent Cad

AI driven CAD design is revolutionizing patient specific care.
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AI Driven Patient Specific CAD Design

Automatic Crown Design

Print direct to RAYDENT Studio 3D printer

User Crown Library

Automatic/manual occlusal adjustment

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Big Data & Deep Learning


Crowns are designed by patient tooth wear by age

All shapes of crown design are possible

Automatic margin detection by two clicks

Multiple design file types available

Versatile & Easy To Use


Anyone can design a crown

For dental offices and labs

Multiple design file types available

STL export available at any step

Applications include crowns, bridges, veneers, coping,  diagnostic wax up, and more

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RAYDENT Microscan