Building Successful DentAl Practices Since 2009

At Tekitronics Inc. we understand that technology downtime is not an option. Our “fix it first” support philosphy allows our team to repair many of the techology issues before they are able to negatively effect your dental practice. Combined with the 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency IT support services, keep the patient flow moving smoothly…

Single Source Provider

We handle all your dental practices needs from 24/7 IT Support to finiancing your Dental Equipment. 

Trusted Reputation

We have been successfully serving dental practices in Southern California since 2009. 

Modern Technology

Tekitronics, Inc. stays up to date on all the latest technnology to keep your dental practice on the cutting edge. 

A Leader In The Dental Industry

Today’s modern dental practices need not only the latest cutting edge technology and speed, but also the certainty of knowing that all confidential information is kept safe. Tekitronics is your one source provider for all technical needs within the dental field.

  • Server implementations
  • Plasma screen televisions
  • Digital radiography
  • X-Ray equipment
  • 3D imaging
  • Chair packages
  • Cabinetry
  • Dry suction systems
  • Seating

Tekitronics specializes in bringing all the pieces together so that doctors can concentrate on what is most important, the patients’ well-being.

Equipment Installs

Sevice Tickets Handled

Happy Customers

Dental Office Remodels

What Dentists Are Saying

“Tekitronics Knows what they are doing. They maintain my computers. Do my Back Ups. Always available. My sever went down once. I could not see or treat any patients. I called on them and had me back in just a couple of hours. I trust my server and Back up to them, So basically my whole business. I can come to work knowing that if anything ever goes wrong with my computer system or network. Tekitronics will be there for me.”

DR. Castro, DDS

“We have been doing business with Tekitronics for almost 10 years and we are absolutely glad they are the ones taking care of all of our 6 offices. Their initial recommendation of their XDR sensors was a true winner and all panoramic machines have been a solid solution. Tekitronics provides excellent support services so our daily task can carry on through each day.

Thank you Cesar and Dianellys!”

Jason Morgan DDS